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Posted by Eagle On Saturday, November 17, 2012 6 comments

The only Amazon Software solution, that Google still loves!. Fresh Store Builder allows you to create unlimited websites with unique and useful content that Google loves and will rank your site higher than Amazon!!. Why does Google love Fresh Store Builder then? Because Fresh Store Builder allow you to create great website with unique and useful content, something other script don't, meaning that Google will actually list your higher then Amazon. It's built Fresh Store Builder with SEO in mind. Just have a look at extensive SEO features list that ensures your store is"Google Safe":
  • Microformats
  • RSS feed
  • Rich snippets markup
  • auto XML sitemap generator and submiter
  • Bast spinner integration
  • Built in content spinner
  • Automatically optimized meta titles, meta description and meta keyword
  • Front end sitemap

What other features does Fresh Store Builder have?

Fresh Store Builder is a professional Amazon solution with incredible features including, but no limit to, to:
  • Conversion report and graph
  • Fully SEO optimized
  • Automatically populate categories with a search term or a browse node
  • On site shopping cart, looks and behaves like an actual store
  • Completely changeagle template files (like Wordpress allowing comlete customisation of your store)
  • Manually add products using Fresh Store Builder product finder
  • RSS feed
  • Automatically updated produc details (images, prices etc.)
  • Integration with best spinner
  • Fully integrated CMS allowing tou to add new pages and add content to all areas of your store
  • Ability to add manufacturer logos, banners, category images etc.
  • Using Fresh Store Builder you get a 90 day cookie with Amazon
  • Brand new template system
  • Smaty template system
  • Ability to change design without any technical knowl-edge
  • 2 free conversion optimized template
  • 6 free skin
  • Quick store setup (just in minutes)
  • Product bundles product tags
  • Full smart caching for super quick stores
  • Click here see demo page and more features

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