Protect Your Download Links With WP SecureLink

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WP SecureLink makes protecting all of your files point and click simple.

WP SecureLink Plugin
Here the technical side of how WP SecureLink Plugin works.
Secure Link works by keeping the location of your files secret. The actual URL or link the files is never share over the internet.

It works in basically 3 steps:

1. User clicks a SecureLink-generated link on your download page.

2. The link goes to an encrypted internal processing script that examines the incoming request and make sure the authorization token is valid, and that the link is requesting a file that exists in the system.

3. If everything checks out, the script then locates the file and serves the download directly to the user.

All of this happens on the server, in an encrypted process that is inaccessible to prying eyes. So the end user sees the SecureLink that goes in, and the file data that comes out (if they are authorized of course) and nothing else.

The SecureLinks are generated on the fly, which means they are not stored anywhere, they are unique to each user and thus cannot be shared.

The authorization tokens themselves are put through a multi step encryption scheme that we developed ing house. It makes use of randon seed "salt" step that is actually unique to each site that uses WP Securelink.

So even if someone manages to "crack the code" they will at most get away with a single file. See more features here

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