ZooPress JVZoo Membership WP Plugin

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ZooPress 100% Plug and Play

ZooPress JVZoo Membership

ZooPress plugin gives product creators everything they need and nothing they don't. The vast majority of vendors don't use over half the features that come in "fancy" membership plugins and they take hours upon hours to configure. When something breaks either on launch day, or any other day for that matter, you have to rummage through page after page of settings to figure out what went wrong.

Plugin Developers cram that stuff in there so they can up the perceived value of their product and charge more.
No problem there... everyone wants to make more money with their stuff. But when we were building ZooPress, we had you in mind, the marketers that will be using it. And that includes us, we don't have all day to mess with stuff. We want to get more and more products out there are not have to deal with complicated delivery.

You Don't Want To Piss Off Paying Customers, Even Your Customers Will Love This.

After purchasing your product, JVZoo will deliver your customer are receipt containing their username and password via email. Your customers can also access the same information using JVZoo's "My Purchase" Tab.

Setup Everything In Under 15 Minutes, of course there's other awesome features of ZooPress, every option you need to set is all on a one page option screen. Get more detail here.

HURRY UP!! Grab it NOW, before the price increasing!!.
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