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Fast Member WordPress Plugin - Complete WordPress Membership System Builds Sites In Minutes

Fast member Wordpress plugin is the quickest and easiest way to get your member site up and running. With a host of powerful features you will never need to use another membership plugin again.



Quick Setup Wizard

The quick setup wizard which will literally leave your jaw on the floor after you realize how fast you can set your member site. You can start earning income quicker while leaving your competition behin.

Unlimited Member Levels

Ability to create unlimited member levels so you can maximize your profits charging existing customer higher prices for access to premium content without having to pay for extra traffic.

Free Member Levels

Create free member levels so you can collect leads and upsell them into higher priced products and services. This will maximize your profits from the same visitors more than once.

Protected Content

Multiple ways to protect your content so your members are constantly engaged with your site. More activity and interaction from your visitors will help to towards your organic rangking increasing your traffic over time.

Internal Affiliate System

Recruit your own army of affiliates with your own in-house affiliate system. Set cookie durations and commission levels on each product. With affiliates promoting you may never have to pay for traffic again.

Unlimited Coupons

Coupons you can generate on the fly so you can give your customers exclusive offers. This will keep visitors coming back again and again because they know you offer sweet discounts.

Dynamic Dime Sales

Dime sales with pricing which changes dynamically after each sale so you can increase conversions adding scarcity to your offers.

Drip Feed Content

Ways to drip feed content over days, weeks, months or years giving you a completely hands free delivery system. You can spend less time messing around with your site and more time working on the thing that matter.

Advanced Stats

Advanced stats which let you keep track of all your sales and affiliate data so you know exactly where your money is coming from. You can get your sales process running like a finely tuned engine and see exactly what you need to do to increase your bottom line.

Wordpress Ready

Use wit any Wordpress theme including Optimize Press, Profits Theme, Woo Themes and any other themes you choose. Your site looks the way you want and not just a clone that looks like everyone else.

Email Broadcasting & Autoresponders

Integrated email broadcasting & autoresponders features so you can sign people up to your list the instant they make a purchase. List segmentation by product type has never been easier. By building your curtomer base you than have traffic on demand whenever you add a new product to your site.

Support For External Autoresponders

Also integrates with major Autoresponders so you can continue using your existing service. Plus integrates with bulk delivery service so you are completely in control over how your customers receive your newsletter and updates. This means optimum delivery rates for maximum profits.

Support Multi Payment Processors

Multi paymet processor including Paypal, Payza, Solid Trust Pay with other planned so you are never tied to using just one system. Accepting multiple processors could accelerate your business even faster in this global economy.

Support For Third Party Networks

Direct integration with popular networks, including Click Bank, Warrior Plus, Digi Result and JVZoo giving you complete control over where to list your offers. You choose exactly who you want to promote your products, preserving the integrity of your business.

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